Local Bye-Laws Adopted September 1985, amended 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996 1998 and 2010

1. At any General Meeting of the Phoenix Artistic Roller Skating Club all members are welcome to attend and take part in discussion, but votes are only permissible from:

a) skating members over 14 years of age
b) a parent or guardian of a skating member under 14 years of age (1 vote per child)
c) elected officers and committee members

2. A subscription of £5.00 annually will entitle a non-skater to become a member of the club and to attend and take part in discussion of meetings but will not entitle such non-skater to a vote.

3. Coaches involved in tuition classes shall be invited to all meetings and will be expected to contribute their points of view, but will not have a vote unless attending as an elected officer in addition to their position as coach.

4. Skaters enrolled in any class will be expected to pay the appropriate fee whether they attend or not. In the event of non-attendance for two consecutive lessons the committee reserve the right to allocate the pupil’s place in a class to another skater. Excuses by reasons of attending other functions or for occasional illness will not be accepted as being a reason for non-payment.

5. Only those skaters who regularly attend a tuition class will be invited to join in any specially arranged classes. Those skaters attending such classes, i.e. medal or competition practice, will be expected to pay for such classes in their absence unless for prolonged illness. These classes are run on a non-profit basis and the charge is set to cover the floor hire and coaches expenses.

6. When skaters attend a class for the first time, the first lesson is treated as a trial. If the skater wishes to join and the coaches are agreeable to the skater being absorbed into the class, then the annual subscription becomes payable immediately.

7. To enable a skater to gain entry into the novice class any new member must have attained basic skills number four. It will be left to the coach’s discretion as to whether the skater can be integrated into the class at this stage, or to suggest they wait a little longer whilst continuing with the basic skills scheme.

8. Skaters who have regularly attended the novice class or enter via the basic skills scheme and have completed sufficient classes to indicate their desire to become serious skaters, will be required to purchase the club uniform through a committee member. It must be accepted that uniforms cannot be resold outside the club and that the club is always willing to purchase second hand uniforms in reasonable condition.

9. Skaters who have been accepted as club members and are enrolled in one of the Phoenix Club’s tuition classes are expected to respect the stipulations laid down in regard to them not participating in classes with any other skating club unless in some officially arranged practice or class.

10. Skating members may make their own arrangements for private lessons with committee approved coaches, but are reminded that any such lessons are to be in addition to, and not as a substitute for, the club’s tuition class(es).